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Port Rexton Brewery
6 Ship Cove Road
Port Rexton, Newfoundland and Labrador
Call (709) 464-7807

Oh My Cheeses
Oh My Cheeses offers quality grilled cheese sandwiches made using homemade bread, locally inspired jam and cheese. We serve out of a mobile trailer located in Port Rexton. We can also be found at several markets in St. John's, such as the St. John's Farmers Market!
[email protected]

Random Passage Film Set

Random Passage Film set is an authentic look at a 19th Century fishing community in outport Newfoundland. The set was created for an 8 hour CBC mini-series and was based on the book of the same name.

Summer Theatre Festival

Rising Tide Theatre produce a fine range of plays and pageants that run throughout the summer. With a wide range of dramatic productions, from the classic to the new, the Festival is home to some of Newfoundland’s finest actors and dramatists.

Skerwink Trail

Picked as one of the three best trails in Canada and in the top ten of the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Skerwink House is situated at the head of the Skerwink Trail, a spectacular winding coastal trail along an ancient path, that literally starts on our doorstep.

Walks and Hikes

There are an endless array of fine walks and hikes. You can walk for miles without your feet touching pavement, only ancient paths along cliff tops and across sandy beaches. Wild flowers and wild life abound and there are endless opportunities for budding and professional photographers and artists to capture the moment…

There is a wonderful walking tour of Trinity, for the more adventurous there is a full day hike to British Harbour and for those who take their walking seriously please visit the Discovery Trial, which is on our doorstep.

Boat Trips

Throughout the summer boat trips leave Trinity for whale watching, (humpbacks, minkes, fins) and bird watching, especially puffin colonies at Ellaston,the root cellar capital of the world and Maberly.


Icedbergs pepper the seascape and arrive in bays to melt away usually between April and July. Only 1/10 of an iceberg is visible, no two are ever similar, they are immense, powerful and beautiful - the ghosts of lost Cathedrals.

Star Gazing

Trinity Bay has no light pollution which means the conditions for star gazing are absolutely perfect

The Shipping News

The Shipping News, which starred Kevin Spacey and Judi Dench was filmed in Trinity Bight. If you have seen the film you can spot all the locations!

Restaurants & Shops

The surrounding area has a fine range of restaurants, our favourite is Fisher’s Loft, who always use locally produced foods.

There are a number of gift shops and craft shops that are usually supplied by local artisans.

Bird Watching

Eagles, opspreys and puffin colonies are just the begining of any ornithologists perfect opportunity to indulge in their hobby.


Bonavista has a number of natural and historic sites, most notably the recently restored Ryan Premises, which is a National Historic Site where you can learn about the East Coast Fishery. There is also a replica of the Matthew, the ship that John Cabott sailed across the Atlantic in 1497 to discover Newfoundland.

Terra Nova National Park And Golf Courses
Terra Nova is an hours drive from Port Rexton, and along with the federally protected wildlife it is home to a world class golf course There is also another fine golf course at Hatchett Cove on Trinity Bay


There are salmon rivers and licenses widely available. Trout fishing is also easily done. Tuna fishing can be arranged.


There is some fine down hill skiing 45 minutes driveaway at white Hills in Clarenville. The hill is ideal for beginners and moderate skiers wishing to perfect their technique. It is also ideal for snowboarders.

Winter Sports

There are many winter sports, including skating, skidooing and cross country skiing that are all widely available.

Mountain Biking

The discovery trail (above) is packed with biking trails that will thrill even the toughest enthusiasts!

Sea of Whales Adventures in Trinity

Whale watching is one of the most exciting activities you may ever experience but beware - you may get 'hooked' for life! You will be amazed by these "gentle giants" as we watch them feed, play and migrate through our study area around the Bonavista peninsula.

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